TV Production Planning & Host Broadcasting


We work closely with International Federations and organisers to ensure all elements of host broadcasting are delivered on budget, and to the expected quality. For a number of projects, we have a partnership with Stockholm-based DMC in Sports.


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Video Post Production & Commentator Training

We produce Highlights, News, Social Media Clips, and Promotional Films to extend the impact of the sport

Emerging markets often host new sports. We maintain a roster of commentators – in specific sports and languages – who we train to deliver the right level of technical language and communication style for the target audience.


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From venues and master control rooms to YouTube and dedicated Chinese platforms, we provide multi-language commentary and help clients reach new digital audiences.







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Communications & Media Training

We help our clients develop their communications messages, and offer training to ensure delivery is clear, appropriate and effective.


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Social Media Engagement

From insights to strategy, creative to communications, our strategic partnership with London-based REDTORCH provides valuable insight and execution on a global basis.

In the China market, we are equipped to open and manage social media platforms for sports’ governing bodies and sports tourism destinations.


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Copyrighting and Proofreading

We offer an effective resource for English-language message delivery, including web-content, presentations and newsletters.

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